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Concept Art – Amazing Spider-Man 2

6atOy7x 25zUFqZ 85WnYLi 25zUFqZ 85WnYLi BzfEaTb - Copy BzfEaTb cA8U7Jh - Copy cA8U7Jh csELko3 - Copy csELko3 fs7wrNg - Copy fs7wrNg jM2rr3G Kjyy5fb - Copy Kjyy5fb rGi6Jwc vKRnglA wNSD7SE yCofMab ySMOUvC ZHficWUNext new topic – Concept Art. And here we have some cool designs from The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

I’ve seen the movie. It was pretty good. I was particularly impressed with Electro’s scenes.

As for this batch of concept art…well…I honestly prefer these designs for Rhino and the Goblin over what they used in the film.


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