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Bring on the Music…Superman: The Movie

Ok, figured its about time to add another topic: Movie/TV Soundtracks. My aim with this…well, simply to share my love of this certain genre of music. I plan to include the soundtracks that I love, some that I like, and some that are just plain terrible. These will not be in-depth reviews, as I am not a music critic. Just gonna tell ya if I like it or not, and if there are some standout tracks I’ll point ’em out.  Most will about Soundtracks to Comic Book Movies or TV shows. But occassionally I may just throw some in that have just plain cool music on them…

Kicking this off…the classic Superman: The Movie, composed by the master John Williams, and performed by the always spectacular London Symphony Orchestra. If you like super hero soundtracks, you own this one. You have to. John Williams composed in this, what I consider to be, the most iconic and memorable superhero them of all time. Even people who have never seen the films know the Superman Theme when they hear it. I also really enoy the Krypton theme, as heard in The Planet Krypton and Fortress of Solitude.

If you’ve never listened to this before, check it out. There’s a 2-CD set that has far more music, but I am just fine with this one as is…

1. Theme from Superman (Main Title)
2. The Planet Krypton
3. Destruction of Krypton
4. The Trip to Earth
5. Love Theme from Superman
6. Leaving Home
7. The Fortress of Solitude
8. The Flying Sequence & Can You Read My Mind
9. Super Rescues
10. Superfeats
11. The March of the Villains
12. Chasing Rockets
13. Turning Back the World
14. End Title

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