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There’s Nothing like a Strong Woman…

Stronghold001 002      The idea of the “damsel in distress” died out a long time ago, I think. I certainly dont see them in Comic books these days, or the fantastic movies they are inspiring. Cant wait to see Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman in the upcoming Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice. 

This next character was inspried  by the likes of DC’s Wonder Woman and Powergirl….I introduce to  you Stronghold. She’s Incredibly powerful and flight-capableand and her costume has an unneccesarily plunging neck-line…just for fun.

You may be able to see some of the influence of Kenneth Rocafort‘s style here. Enjoyed his work on Superman during the H’el on Earth storyline.

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Manhattan Project…

DrManhattan     For years I had heard about the Watchmen, but it never peaked my interest until Zack Snyder’s film was released. Love the movie, more than the comic book. And yes, I have read it. Did so before the film was released.  And my favorite character from both was Dr. Manhattan. So I decided to draw him myself, just for fun. And i tried something a little different here. He’s in full color..all that glorious BLUE!!!

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Soundtrack – Man of Steel – composed by Hans Zimmer

                I think of this one as a soundtrack you either Love to Hate, or Hate to Love…rather like the movie itself.  Actually, I rather enjoyed the film. I thought Henry Cavill made a great Superman. Visually it was  impressive. Some things could have been better.

This soundtrack is one of them. Many an eye rolled as soon as it was announced that Hans Zimmer would be composing. Now, I’m a Zimmer fan…but even I was a little disappointed with this soundtrack. And its not that its a bad soundtrack, necessarily, but it’s not what we wanted for an epic Superman film. Zimmer does create some epic and soaring pieces of music. I have always loved his use of percussion and this is no exception.

I’m curious to see what kind of follow-up we will get with Superman V Batman: Dawn of Justice

Stand-out tracks: 2) Oil Rig, 9) Tornado, 13) I Will Find Him, and 17) What Are You Going to do When You’re Not Saving the World.

1. “Look to the Stars” 2:58
2. “Oil Rig” 1:45
3. “Sent Here for a Reason” 3:46
4. “DNA” 3:34
5. “Goodbye My Son” 2:01
6. “If You Love These People” 3:22
7. “Krypton’s Last” 1:58
8. “Terraforming” 9:49
9. “Tornado” 2:53
10. “You Die or I Do” 3:13
11. “Launch” 2:36
12. “Ignition” 1:19
13. “I Will Find Him” 2:57
14. “This Is Clark Kent” 3:47
15. “I Have So Many Questions” 3:47
16. “Flight” 4:18
17. “What Are You Going to Do When You Are Not Saving the World?”
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Soundtracks – Superman Returns!

SupermanReturns      Not many people liked this film. I, for one, quite enjoyed it. Having grown up watching the Christopher Reeves Superman films, it was exciting to finally see Superman on the big screen again doing superfeets using modern film technology. I thought Brandon Routh did a great job stepping into the Blue Tights and Red Boots and Cape.

And the music…got chills when the screen went dark and silence was broken by the opening notes of the classic Superman Theme written by John Williams. This time around, the score was composed by John Ottman, long time collaborator of Bryan Singer. Ottman also serves as a film editor on their projects together. He managed to recreate many of the William’s original themes and created a few new ones of his own that blended together to create a wonderfully enjoyable soundtrack.

Sadly, the commercial release left off 2 of my favorite cues. If you get the chance, take a listen to Krypton Destroyed and Superman Returns

Highlights of the commercial release: honestly most of this soundtrack is just wonderful but i guess i would point out 4) Little Secrets/Power of the Sun and 12) Reprise/Fly Away as two of the best…


1. Main Titles
2. Memories
3. Rough Flight
4. Little Secrets/Power Of The Sun
5. Bank Job
6. How Could YOU Leave Us?
7. Tell Me Everything
8. You’e Not One Of Them
9. Not Like The Train Set
10. So Long Superman
11. The People You Care For
12. I Wanted You To Know
13. Saving The World
15. Reprise / Fly Away
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Star Trek Online – modified Shikar Class Starship – U.S.S. Patriot


Patriot001 Patriot002 Anyone who knows me knows I love me some Star Trek.  Once Enterprise was cancelled prematurely, the MMORPG Star Trek Online came in to fill the void.

I’ve been playing for a number of years now. One of my favorite things about the game is how you can customize your starships, mixing parts within the class your using and using various hull marking options.

The game has been through a lot of changes, upgrades, new content has been added…so recently I decided to create a new Starfleet Officer and start the game over from the beginning. While doing so, thought it would be fun to take some screencaps of my ships and crew.

And so, without further ado, we introduce to you Ensign Johnathan Able, acting captain of the U.S.S. Patriot, NCC-93503. The Patriot is a modified Shikar Class light cruiser…beginner level starship within the game.

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Ain’t she amazing…

021202214_002a      I think the idea for this one, Ms. Amazing, reading a story arc in Batman vs Superman, as drawin by Ed McGuinness. I dont remember right this second which storyline it was, but at one point Batman shows up in an alternate reality in which, instead of Superman and Batman there’s Superwoman and Batwoman…oh and Supergirl is Superlad. Well, it inspired the idea of a female version of Mr. Amazing, and here we are…

Her backstory…Mr. Amazing’s grown-up daughter from an alternate reality…or something like that : )

Her overall look was influenced by Supergirl drawings by Michael Turner and Jim Lee.