Star Trek Online – modified Shikar Class Starship – U.S.S. Patriot


Patriot001 Patriot002 Anyone who knows me knows I love me some Star Trek.  Once Enterprise was cancelled prematurely, the MMORPG Star Trek Online came in to fill the void.

I’ve been playing for a number of years now. One of my favorite things about the game is how you can customize your starships, mixing parts within the class your using and using various hull marking options.

The game has been through a lot of changes, upgrades, new content has been added…so recently I decided to create a new Starfleet Officer and start the game over from the beginning. While doing so, thought it would be fun to take some screencaps of my ships and crew.

And so, without further ado, we introduce to you Ensign Johnathan Able, acting captain of the U.S.S. Patriot, NCC-93503. The Patriot is a modified Shikar Class light cruiser…beginner level starship within the game.


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