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Soundtrack – Man of Steel – composed by Hans Zimmer

                I think of this one as a soundtrack you either Love to Hate, or Hate to Love…rather like the movie itself.  Actually, I rather enjoyed the film. I thought Henry Cavill made a great Superman. Visually it was  impressive. Some things could have been better.

This soundtrack is one of them. Many an eye rolled as soon as it was announced that Hans Zimmer would be composing. Now, I’m a Zimmer fan…but even I was a little disappointed with this soundtrack. And its not that its a bad soundtrack, necessarily, but it’s not what we wanted for an epic Superman film. Zimmer does create some epic and soaring pieces of music. I have always loved his use of percussion and this is no exception.

I’m curious to see what kind of follow-up we will get with Superman V Batman: Dawn of Justice

Stand-out tracks: 2) Oil Rig, 9) Tornado, 13) I Will Find Him, and 17) What Are You Going to do When You’re Not Saving the World.

1. “Look to the Stars” 2:58
2. “Oil Rig” 1:45
3. “Sent Here for a Reason” 3:46
4. “DNA” 3:34
5. “Goodbye My Son” 2:01
6. “If You Love These People” 3:22
7. “Krypton’s Last” 1:58
8. “Terraforming” 9:49
9. “Tornado” 2:53
10. “You Die or I Do” 3:13
11. “Launch” 2:36
12. “Ignition” 1:19
13. “I Will Find Him” 2:57
14. “This Is Clark Kent” 3:47
15. “I Have So Many Questions” 3:47
16. “Flight” 4:18
17. “What Are You Going to Do When You Are Not Saving the World?”

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