the Man of Steel…my own take on the iconic hero

Superman001 001


Man of Steel has come and gone, Superman V Batman: Dawn of Justice is on its way. And here, we have our own take on Superman himself.

I can only remember ever drawing this character, THE Super Hero, twice in my adult life. This is the second version, and the one i like the most. Heavily inspired by Michael Turner, i referenced quite a number of his peices while working on this. And it wasnt easy.

I began this in the summer of 2013, then abandoned it in a bout of frustration. I went back to it earlier this year, during a frenzy of inspiration from my Muse (yes, thats you Krystal Kinzer : ). Finished it in a few hours I did.

I’m hoping to try a few color passes using that Wacom Tablet and Sketch Pro that i recently acquired, but i’m still slowly working on getting that hang of it…


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