Unfinished Ideas…

001 002  A few years ago it dawned on me that some of my favorite comic-book superheros have ultimately destructive super-powers: Superman – Superstrength, Heat-vision; Cyclops – optic blasts; Human Torch – well…fire; Wolverine – Adamantium Claws and a bad attitude; Green Arrow – deadly aim and pointy arrows; Hulk – brute strength mixed with Anger Management issues…so, i decided to set out and create a character specifically without destructive powers. Two were born from this idea. They are actually 2 different takes on the same idea.

The one in fire-engine red is Lifeline, and the lady in blue is Triage. Both possess the power to heal others, but have completely different mind-sets. Lifeline is the more heroic, self-sacrifcing character. Triage embodies her namesake, cold and calculating, not willing to waste time on someone she thinks is beyond saving.

Lifeline’s costume was inspired by my local Jacksonville Fire & Rescue ambulance paint schemes.


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