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Amazingly cartoonish…

MrA006MrA014MrA015   Sometimes, its fun to try new things…both in life, and in art. With the concept of Mr. Amazing firmly established, and as I was beginning to work on new character ideas, i spent a little time watching the animated series Justice League Unlimited. It was a fun show, I loved the plethora of superheros included. The animation style was simple yet cool. After watching a few episodes, an idea spawned…Could I make an animated version of Mr. Amazing?

After a bit of searching online, I found quite a bit of reference material from the show, including production art and  character model sheets. It took a couple of tries, but in the end I was rather pleased with how he turned out.

But you’ll notice there are two versions, two different color schemes. I first colored him in his original color scheme, and while i thought it looked great, I decided to try a more dynamic version. Sadly, I dont have a vast variety of markers in varying shades of colors, so I was going to try layering the red over the grey to give it some shading. I started with the grey, then took a good look at it and thought…the white really works with the black, then throw in the red highlights and viola…Mr. Amazing has a new color scheme.


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