Miraculous variations…

MrM006 MrM008 MrM018 MrM020 MrM021 MrM013 MrM015 MrM014

A little overdue with this, but its finally time to post some new images of Mr. Miraculous and his various costume/armor set-ups. These costume and armor components can be found throughout the game or purchased from the in-game store. Some are awarded for mission completions, others for exploring sections of Metropolis, Gotham City, the Watchtower, and others…You can combine them as you see fit, color them within the confines of the Tri-Color preset system in the game (one of the things i was disappointed in).

This a very small sample of the various items he owns…but most of them are styles that dont fit his character.

One more set to go after this…

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