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Found in the Wayback Machine – SPAWN!!

Spawn This one goes way back…from over 20 years ago. It was a big deal way back when Jim Lee, Alan Silvestri, Whilce Portacio and, of course, Todd McFarlane (as as well as others) left their respective Comic Book studios to create IMAGE Studios so that they could focus on Creator Owned titles. One of my favorites, initially, was Spawn. McFarlane’s artwork was fantastic and the story started off well. I stopped reading it when he stopped drawing….

I had forgotten about this little gem until i was going through the files, looking for something fun to post. Lookin at this now…this may be the 1st time that i ever did anything with panelling, similar to an actual comic book page…i had forgotten all about that.

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More Trek Uniforms…with a little comic book flair…

STO001 STO002I think i’ve mentioned a few times how much I enjoy Star Trek and comic books, Star Trek Online, etc…During one of those little runs of drawing and sketching uniforms, just for kicks I tried a couple of the designs form the STO game. To make it even more fun, I drew them with the style references of Ed McGuinness. The Male character’s uniform is very close to what my In-Game character wore, at the time. This was a couple of years ago, and a lot has changed in the game…many new uniform styles are available…maybe its time i try one of the newer ones…hmmm

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A couple of Starfleet Uniform sketches…

007 009 Trek2009a 001 trekswimsuit   It’s been a while since i have worked on anything like this, but there was a time when i used to love drawing and designing Starfleet uniforms from Star Trek. Back when all the hype surrounding the 2009 release of JJ Abrams Star Trek film, numerous ideas came rolling in…so here are a few that were drawn over the last couple of years since then…AQnd yes, that is a Starfleet-issue swimsuit…more to follow once i get good scans on them…