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An Amazing Playlist – The Last Starfighter

One of the great things about soundtracks is the wonderful themes that composers create. Sadly, many modern day composers seem to have lost this art, or those that try just cant seem to create something as memorable as those from the ’80s and ’90s. By memorable, i mean one like this…The Last Starfighter, composed by Craig Safan. The movie itself is considered a cult-classic, and one of the 1st to show how CGI technology can be used in films. It’s cheesy, but in a cool way…and this main theme is on my top 10 list. I’ve read that Safan employed a larger brass section than normal for this…and you can definitely hear it when they get going.

This particular recording is an arrangement by Erich Kunzel and performed by the Cincinnati Pops orchestra…

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An Amazing Playlist – Silent Sparrow – Big Hero 6

This was fun movie, as Disney CG animated films tend to be…but i was a little concerned about the similarities between my character Turbo and their GoGo Tomago. But, after thinking about it, there are plenty of differences in both design and story between the two, so I dont see an issue.

Anywho, i took a listen to the soundtrack recently, and this one stood out. I cant place where it is in the film, which will cause me to rewatch it just to see and hear, but it has that Heroic Sacrifice feel to it…Oh, the soundtrack was composed by Henry Jackman, who you’ll be hearing more from when i post some of his work from Captain America: the Winter Soldier and X-Men: First Class…

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An Amazing Playlist – War Machine – Warhawk

From the world of video game soundtracks comes this little gem. Composed by Christopher Lennertz for a game I have never played. After listening to his beautiful score for Medal of Honor: European Assault I went looking for more of his music and found this. Warhawk is an Air Combat game with a wonderful main theme, but this track is the most powerful. It starts off intense and, like a lot of my favorite tracks, builds to a wonderfully heroic explosion.

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An Amazing Playlist – The Hanging Tree

Another good one from James Newton Howard, this time from Mockingjay pt1,¬†part of the Hunger Games series that my daughter Dakota just loves. This one starts off with vocals from Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence). This is another one of those where the music builds and builds as Katniss is joined in the song by others in the rebellion…and then the orchestra takes over completely reaching a marvelous…crescendo? I think thats the right term…anyway, take a listen and enjoy…

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An Amazing Playlist – Kilrathi into Scilla – Wing Commander

Let me begin by saying this…great piece of music from a god-awful film.

This track just cries¬†Heroic once it reaches the climax, take a listen and you’ll see what I mean.

Composer Kevin Kiner scored this based on themes created by David Arnold (Casino Royale, Stargate). The film is based on the old PC starfighter game Wing Commander,¬†which i played back in the day. The game wasnt half bad. Even starred Luke Skywalker himself: Mark Hammil. This movie though…just horrible. I picked the¬†soundtrack up¬†when it first came out on a whim…the¬†Main Titles Overture is pretty good too, might post that later…but this track is my favorite…

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My First Comic Book Cover…phase 1

Cover002¬† Got a little something new to show today. One of my goals for this year is to create a comic book cover for my Creator Owned series, featuring the main character,¬†Mr. Amazing, ¬†that I created a number of years ago. My Muse has been pushing me, and guiding me, and encouraging me through this…and here it is, in pencil form, anyway. This is the 1st time I have attempted anything like this, and I couldn’t have done it without Krystal’s encouragement.

I called this phase 1 because she is insistent that I complete it, color and all…right down to having a bar code…well, I do as I’m told, so the next phase will begin soon.

this is a 1st in many ways…1st time attempting a cover, 1st time drawing detailed buildings (that main building is from my hometown of Jacksonville, Fl), 1st time drawing a bus :). It needs some work, and I turn to Sketchpro for that part…Overall, for a 1st effort, not bad I think….