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A trio of Federation Starships…

As a child, i could spend  hours drawing starships from Star Trek. As the years went by, new shows sometimes introduced new starships, which inspired new ideas for my own. And the movies, bigger and better ships. JJ Abrams reboot in 2009 was no exception. It was hard to find any reference material on the re-imagined Enterprise…mostly fan-made artwork was all i could find. But it helped to inspire these three ships.

PioneerClass001The 1st design, my Pioneer Class, is actually a re-imagining of an old design of my own (which I will post soon, hopefully), using the design elements of the new Enterprise.

AkulaClas001The 2nd, the Akula Class, was referenced from the video game Star Trek D-A-C.

PaladdinClass0013rd we have the Paladin(?) class, a re-imagining of the same class from the TOS era.

Pen and ink here, drawn the old-fashioned way


2 thoughts on “A trio of Federation Starships…

  1. Love ship designs and these are no exception! I was more of a statwars fan growing up, so most of my old sketches were based off massive triangles, instead of more complex/interesting shapes, haha


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