IronMan Mk45 and Hulkbuster armours…

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Each new film featuring Ironman guarantees one thing…at least 1 shiny new armor! Avengers: Age of Ultron was no exception. as Everyone knows by now, we got 2…the long awaited Hullkbuster(!) and the mk45 (my new personal fave!)

the 1st two images look like early CGI renders…nice and super clean.

The 2nd batch…well those are from the 1/6th scale Hot Toys collectible figure…as you can clearly see in the tagging on the pics 😛

aFyduXu bN5sQ75 0EY6nDL JwN8q6X pGBfP5k uJPy2RJ te4eOEw t5Srovy yCBWt5I XMZSgyH XJ9YB0N x2NVnPi


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