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Gundam Astray Red Frame model kit…

WP_20150630_004 This came together much quicker than I expected it to, and I wanna thank my daughters Dakota, Graci and Logan for allowing me time to work on it this weekend. This is my Gundam Astray Red Frame model kit. Love the way it turned out. Almost exactly as I had imagined it would.

WP_20150630_002Tried makin a special background for it too…while at work 🙂

It just looks bad ass. I have 2 more to build…not the Astray Frame models though…but they will have to wait…Its time to draw something…

WP_20150630_004 WP_20150630_010 WP_20150630_012 WP_20150630_014

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Mobile Suit Gundam – Gundam Astray Ishigaki Frame

WP_20150623_008 WP_20150623_001 WP_20150623_002Ahhh one of the fun things about building a model kit is finding some way to customize it and make it unique. Sometimes it can be as simple as changing the color scheme or as complex as scratch-building parts to fit your needs (something way beyond my capabilities).

This model kit had been sitting on a shelf for years, along with quite a few others. Purchased many years ago and i couldnt even tell you why i never built it until now. But, waiting did allow an opportunity for Krystal to provide her usual inspiration, and a few ideas (the gold guns were all her 🙂 ). Originally this was the Gundam Astray Red Frame, 1/100 scale model kit from Bandai. I Changed the color, obviously, took a gun from the 2nd Red Frame kit i have (which I am currently planning out with a few mods) and then while working on it decided this would be dedicated to a friend and co-working who has been battline medical issues for quite some time. Despite everything, she has such a courageous and positive attitude…so here’s to you Ritsuko Ishigaki! Here’s your Gundam Astray Ishigaki Frame mobile Suit…

Cant wait to build the next one…

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NX-01 Enterprise Refit model kit…

FB_20150612_02_14_20_Saved_Picture FB_20150612_02_14_06_Saved_PictureUntil recently, I had forgotten how much fun it can be to build a model kit. Thanks to my Muse, that joy has been rediscovered. This is the 1st model kit I have assembled in many years, by myself, anyway. Found this online at and just couldn’t resist. There’s just something satisfying about the building process and having this physical model to appreciate when you are done. Add in the enthusiasm and encouragement of the woman you love and no matter how it turns out, you cant help but be happy.

This was fun to build, and I look forward to another…in fact, something is already in progress…something I have never built before…

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An Amazing Playlist – Symphonic Touge – Bryan Tyler

This one is in my Top 10 of all-time favorites. “Symphonic Touge” is the purely symphonic version of the track titled “Touge” from Bryan Tyler’s score for Fast & Furious:Tokyo Drift. This isnt even included in the movie, yet its the most fantastic track on the entire album. Powerhouse!!

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Starfleet Mk I Phaser…

I think I have mentioned this before…of all the TV shows and Films, Enterprise was and still is my favorite. I loved the look of the show, the cast was excellent, and i was sad to see its run end way too early.

Here’s one my few ideas that spawned while enjoying the show…Being that the setting was before Kirk’s time in TOS, Starfleet is still in its infancy…and the tech is more primitive. Their weapon of choice was the Phase pistol.full-RBPRP1766BU


I decided to take that design and try to evolve it just a wee bit, supposing what it could like using the same design elements to become the 1st actual phaser issued…i see this being used during what would have been season 5, which is also when we would have gotten to see the Refit Nx-01 (posting something about that soon 🙂 )

phasermk1 phasermk1color

i drew this some time ago…looking at it again now, i’m wondering if i can push the design further…

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And the new Batman is…Jim Gordon?

Ok, so I am way behind when it comes to modern comic book story-lines. I dont think I have actually bought a comic book since Kenneth Rocafort was drawing the H’El on Earth story for DC. So, naturally, I was a wee bit dismayed to learn that Jim Gordon is currently filling in as Batman. I only found this out due to reveal of his new suit, from Batman #41.

batman1-d338fNow this suit, which I’m kinda diggin (needs the cape though, but i understand why he doesnt have one), is what he wears underneath the Mech-Suit, which to me clearly resembles a police car, with rabbit ears, and missile launchers? Oh, and he uses a Tazer, instead of all the normal Bat-Gadgets that come with a utility belt.

CONV_Cv1_1_100_varI havent drawn Batman in a number of years, it may be time to have a go at it…