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Mr Miraculous Re-Design…

I have been wanting to create a new look for Mr. Miraculous for quite some time now. Finally was able to make it happen, and capture the progression of the drawing at the same time…

IMAG00109First up: the pencil sketch. Well, not so much a sketch as the drawing in its initial stage. Special thing about this one: Most of this was completed in the company of my Muse: Krystal Kinzer. While i was drawing this she was working on an abstract painting, which turned out fantastically as well. We had tried to work on art together in the past but never could seem to get in the groove. Not this time… I was very pleased with the work we did that evening together…

WP_20150520_001 Next comes the dreaded ink…like I did with the Dr. Manhattan drawing from many moons ago, i decided to go with blue, since Mr. M glows in a bluish aura as well. It turned out better than I expected…

002 and Finally:New look, New Symbol (yes its still an M)…armored this time. I’m thinking about getting on the computer to add some shading and possible glowing effects if i can figure out how…



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