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And the new Batman is…Jim Gordon?

Ok, so I am way behind when it comes to modern comic book story-lines. I dont think I have actually bought a comic book since Kenneth Rocafort was drawing the H’El on Earth story for DC. So, naturally, I was a wee bit dismayed to learn that Jim Gordon is currently filling in as Batman. I only found this out due to reveal of his new suit, from Batman #41.

batman1-d338fNow this suit, which I’m kinda diggin (needs the cape though, but i understand why he doesnt have one), is what he wears underneath the Mech-Suit, which to me clearly resembles a police car, with rabbit ears, and missile launchers? Oh, and he uses a Tazer, instead of all the normal Bat-Gadgets that come with a utility belt.

CONV_Cv1_1_100_varI havent drawn Batman in a number of years, it may be time to have a go at it…


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