Starfleet Mk I Phaser…

I think I have mentioned this before…of all the TV shows and Films, Enterprise was and still is my favorite. I loved the look of the show, the cast was excellent, and i was sad to see its run end way too early.

Here’s one my few ideas that spawned while enjoying the show…Being that the setting was before Kirk’s time in TOS, Starfleet is still in its infancy…and the tech is more primitive. Their weapon of choice was the Phase pistol.full-RBPRP1766BU


I decided to take that design and try to evolve it just a wee bit, supposing what it could like using the same design elements to become the 1st actual phaser issued…i see this being used during what would have been season 5, which is also when we would have gotten to see the Refit Nx-01 (posting something about that soon 🙂 )

phasermk1 phasermk1color

i drew this some time ago…looking at it again now, i’m wondering if i can push the design further…


2 thoughts on “Starfleet Mk I Phaser…

  1. Hey Collin, you are correct. We originally pitched a version of the phase pistol with a long back end. More like a phaser. It got shortened by the producer so that it would be more “pistol” like, since it was meant to be a precursor to a phaser. But it did look good with the longer end. Jim Martin


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