Mobile Suit Gundam – Gundam Astray Ishigaki Frame

WP_20150623_008 WP_20150623_001 WP_20150623_002Ahhh one of the fun things about building a model kit is finding some way to customize it and make it unique. Sometimes it can be as simple as changing the color scheme or as complex as scratch-building parts to fit your needs (something way beyond my capabilities).

This model kit had been sitting on a shelf for years, along with quite a few others. Purchased many years ago and i couldnt even tell you why i never built it until now. But, waiting did allow an opportunity for Krystal to provide her usual inspiration, and a few ideas (the gold guns were all her 🙂 ). Originally this was the Gundam Astray Red Frame, 1/100 scale model kit from Bandai. I Changed the color, obviously, took a gun from the 2nd Red Frame kit i have (which I am currently planning out with a few mods) and then while working on it decided this would be dedicated to a friend and co-working who has been battline medical issues for quite some time. Despite everything, she has such a courageous and positive attitude…so here’s to you Ritsuko Ishigaki! Here’s your Gundam Astray Ishigaki Frame mobile Suit…

Cant wait to build the next one…


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