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Iron Man Concept Art – pt1

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art by Ryan Meinerding

Art by Ryan Meinerding
Art by Ryan Meinerding – this one is one of my favorites!


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Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage – Concert Tour 2016

StarTrek_2016_599x310_v3.599.310Had to share this experience…Last Saturday, 01/23/2016, I had the privilege of attending the Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage concert in Jacksonville, FL, and with an incredible woman (yes you, Krystal Kinzer).  What a spectacular show!

She arranged VIP tickets so we got to attend the Czech Symphony’s warm up session. This was followed by a brief Q&A with Conductor Justin Freer, who also then took a few minutes to sign concert posters 🙂


Then, 2 hours and a yummy dinner at the Jacksonville Landing later, it was time for the show. 3rd row seats in the “pit”. The symphony’s performances were beautiful. We were treated to a number of selections from the various films and TV shows from the each run of Star Trek…with an added treat…for each incarnation of the TV series, we got to see and hear the symphony perform a piece synced to a scene from an episode of the show, which included one of my favorites from Voyager

I will try to post some of the few photo’s she took while we were there later…but needless to say, it was a great night…hearing some of my favorite music performed live…and to be so close…couldnt stop my eyes from teerin up a few times, which i’m sure she noticed :P.

If its coming to your town, and you have the opportunity, AND you’re a Trekkie like me, then you sshould definitely attend…