Trekkin in the New Year…Ticonderoga gets a Refit…

Thought it would be fun to kick off the new year by showing off my new favorite starship from the MMORPG Star Trek Online…my Geneva Class Command Battle Cruiser, U.S.S. Ticonderoga, NCC-92628-A.

TiconderogaA002Captained by my primary, and longest running, character in the game Admiral John Ableman, she was recently commissioned to replace her previous incarnation, the Odyssey class Ticonderoga, which was severely damaged during the recent conflicts with the Iconians. The Starfleet Corps of Engineers removed all specialty systems and modified alien-tech  before shewas  sent to the drydock for a refit.

She emerges refreshed, with a new look, new capabilities, new tech…new adventures await!TiconderogaA007TiconderogaA006TiconderogaA008TiconderogaA009TiconderogaA0010TiconderogaACrew03


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