The Past is calling…


Many many moons ago I was a photographer.  Yes…was. I discovered the joy of it in my senior year in highschool. My dad let me borrow his Canon AE-1 and myself and couple of lady friends would go out on photo-shoots (some of them were aspiring models). I even served as a Combat Photographer for the United States Marine Corps and was active during the dawn of the digital age of photography. Took to it rather naturally…

I haven’t practiced the art now in, well…it has to have been at least 15 years…probably more.

I can feel it calling again. I don’t know why. But i do know that digital wont do…we are going to do this old school. Recently acquired my 1st Ring Flash (never had an opportunity to use one in the past) and some b&w film…Checked out the Camera itself and seems to work just fine after installing a new battery. Very soon we are going to take a crack at some portraits…

I’m very excited to see if i still got it…WP_20160302_003


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