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Batman Concept Art

batman-arkham-knight-batman-armor batsuit dc_injustice_concept_art_batman_hs-01 new-batman-arkham-origins-screenshots-concept-art-emerge-9-663x1024 batman_arkham_asylum_2-992x990 batman-arkham-knight-wallpaperOk, I Am Scarecrow, you asked for it so here it is…Batman Concept art from various sources and media – films, video games, etc. There really wasnt much out there. It was kinda disappointing really. But…i do like the armored suit designs from the Arkham game series.batman_v_superman_dawn_justice_costume-concept_art_jm02 batman_v_superman_dawn_justice_costume-concept_art_jm01 batman_v_superman_concept_art_batman415rm8 batman_desert_storm_batsuit_concept_3d_by_scarlighter-d4rsean batman_desert_storm_batsuit_concept_by_scarlighter-d4rse06 closeup1 closeup2 presentation batman-injustice-gods-among-us-figuarts-action-figure dc_injustice_concept_art_jm03b batman-injustice 550_max

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New Batman Tactical Suit

batman-tactical-suit Justice League is coming…and I will say after the preview footage released earlier, i’m rather excited about it. And now…Zack Snyder is cool enough to release a shot of Batman, in his new Tactical Suit. And the nay-sayers are already up in arms. Shocking! Yeah, it does remind us a little of Night Owl from The Watchmen…probably from the same designer…but you know what…I liked Night Owl’s design…but this bat-suit looks much more rugged…and i like it. Cant wait to see it in action.