Marvel’s Inhumans get some costume upgrades…

marvel-royals-designs-by-jonboy-meyers-218751Found these on this morning. Artist Jonboy Meyers has given the Inhumans some cool new threads. I doubt we will see the kind of lashing out from fandom about these, like we do whenever Superman or Wonder Woman gets a re-design. marvel-inhumans-prime-1-cover-218748

I dig these. And Meyers’ art style. Reminds me of Joe Madureira(?) Its fun and full of hard lines.marvel-blackbolt-meyers-218737

I think i’m going to dig up some of the old character re-designs i’ve saved over the years. Time for them to re-surface…marvel-medusa-meyers-218750marvel-marvelboy-meyers-218749 marvel-crystal-meyers-218738 marvel-flint-meyers-218739 marvel-gorgon-meyers-218740




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