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Good Reads – This Week’s Lucky Find!

Last Thursday, i had the absolute pleasure of accompanying the lovely and amazing Krystal Kinzer on our first date of the new year. We chose to spend the morning at Chamblin’s Book Mine, a fantastic used book store. Like many, you can take books in for credit. What i like about Chamblin’s is that they will offer to donate any books they cant give you credit for.

Now, for the purpose of this post…this was what i found as we got lost in the labyrinth of books…The Making of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, by Allan Asherman. As a kid, i loved reading about the making of movies, especially Science Fiction. This one, i remember seeing but never had a chance to read. Cant wait to do so (i gotta finish another book 1st…you’ll hear about that one when its done).

Still arguably the best of all of the Star Trek Films, JJ-Verse included.



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