Costume Re-Designs – X-Men’s Cyclops

OK, my favorite Marvel Comics Character: X-Men’s Cyclops. And he’s had quite a few costumes over the decades…here are a few…some of these are unofficial…

alex-ross-cyclops all_new_x_men__cyclops_by_k_bol-d71oftu all-new-xmen-marvel-now-jean-grey asm2cyclops ciclope_bianchi


cyclops___x_men_1_by_chuchuan-d88c1x8 cyclops-evo cyclops_concept_by_nedojoe-d6ejwa0 earth-616_cyclops_phoenix tumblr_inline_ml13depop21qz4rgp wolverine-and-the-x-men-cyclops_1252972672 x-men-anime-cyclops-concept-art x-men-days-of-future-past-cyclops


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