Costume Re-designs – Superman!

Even the Man of Steel himself couldnt escape the need for new costumes…superman___dc_comics_jim_lee_2a_by_patricknedkeith-d5v8je4 superman-returns-suit superman-cv-20-224716 superman-injustice-gods-among-us-superman-38057041-800-1000 superman-rebirth-designs visual-history-superman-costume-608x400 tylerhoechlin_superman_supergirl_01 new-52-superman-statue-3_1341860279 manofsteel-superman-suit injustice__gods_among_us___superman__regime__by_sticklove-d69c20e dawn-of-justice-superman-film-costume a0d4693e63dd037fcd9fc86932ece3ce action-comics-cv-977-224713-600x911 173694_s0 1173325 man-of-steel-black-suit-superman-play-arts-kai-1 newsuperman blacksuitsupermancomic_huge


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