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Star Trek: Discovery…9 days and counting!

The closer we get, the more we get a glimpse of, the more excitement builds… Here we get to meet some of the, hear some of that oh so important Main Title (composed by Jeff Russo), see some of Discovery’s beautiful bridge, and more…

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Star Trek: Discovery – new details…

Found some interesting stuff recently…” Challenge your preconceptions…”

From During the Television Critics Association panel for Star Trek: Discovery, producers played the show’s opening title song by Jeff Russo for the first time. The theme song runs a full minute and a half, and they intend it to play on every episode of the CBS All Access streaming service.

From Shenzhou bridge is underslung, Starfleet Academy cadets have a unique chest badge, and we finally get a glimpse of Discovery’s bridge… and other stuff 😁

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DC Superhero cards…

GETaking a spin on Easy, I opened a little shop to see if we could sell some of our creations. Here’s our 1st wave of items…DC superhero cards… crafted with the Cricut Air Explore, utilizing multiple types of card-stock. Styled after the DCEU symbols for the Man of Steel, Wonder Woman, and The Dark Knight, as well as classic The Flash and Green Lantern.

One of each is ready for sale at: