Trekkie T-shirt

Show off your Trekkie Pride with this unique Trekkie T-shirt. Black cotton tee with fabric-paint logo, gives it a weathered feel. Font has a bit of a Discovery feel to it.

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Trekkie T-shirt Discovery edition

Ok Discovery Fans, I know you’re out there. Show your love for the show with this Discovery inspired Trekkie t-shirt. Blue cotton tee with gold logo, applied with fabric paint in a Discovery-ish font.

Source: Trekkie T-shirt Discovery edition

DC Superhero cards…

GETaking a spin on Easy, I opened a little shop to see if we could sell some of our creations. Here’s our 1st wave of items…DC┬ásuperhero cards… crafted with the Cricut Air Explore, utilizing multiple types of card-stock. Styled after the DCEU symbols for the Man of Steel, Wonder Woman, and The Dark Knight, as well as classic The Flash and Green Lantern.

One of each is ready for sale at:


Star Trek: Discovery launch party invitations

Here’s a silly little idea I had that came about pretty quickly after hearing the release date for our new Star Trek series.

Launch party invitations. 5×7, cardstock in 2 layers. Cut with the Cricut Explore Air 2.

And on sale on eBay at the moment, as a test.


$5 for three invitations, one in each of the new division colors.