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Inferno portrait…

Back to the oldschool with this one, pencil and paper. Such a challenge to draw fire, but my muse says I draw it well…thank you, Krystal, my love…IMG_20170607_203711124[258]

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Mr Miraculous – a new perspective…

Just put the finishing touches on this sketch. Most of it was completed last year. This is my first attempt at drawing a character from this perspective, and it turned out better than expected. Originally Mr M was going to have the more armored look from my last few sketches, but ultimately I took him back to the simpler look, but left the shoulder armor in place.

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Second new sketch for the new year!

Companion to last month’s piece, in fact it’s that character’s companion. She’s a bit more…sharp, as opposed to his rough edginess. Product of another couple of wonderful days spent with my love and source of inspiration (yes, i’m talkin about you, Krystal)

Next up,ย and these will be a real challenge, their motorcycles! A Street Bike and a Cruiser.


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First new sketch of the new year!!!


This year is off to a fantastic start! And forget your “resolutions”, I have goals…one of which is now complete. Here’s our first sketch for the year. A non-Superpowered character from a fun idea i had about a couple that gets into mis-adventures while on a road trip to the Southern tip of South America.

Krystal and I are working out the plot details, jotting them down whenever a new idea pops into our heads ๐Ÿ™‚

So here’s the guy, a jeans and t-shirt type, prone to wearing military packs and pouches.

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My Samurai Predator idea…

Keeping with today’s Samurai theme, here’s an idea i had a while ago..Samurai Predator. Came to me while actually watching the Last Samurai. Concept was that the Predator felt there was no challenge in hunting Samurai using his state of the art weapons. So he adopted their fighting styles and crafted a sword of his own. I ran out of room on the paper, thats why the sword is so short. And a bigger neck. But, this was just an idea…Hoping to try it again this year…So much to do…