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The Miracles continue…

MrM Portrait003 MrM Portrait008       This is a very significant post. I just created my first completely digital sketch using my Wacom Tablet and Sketch Pro 6.00.05.

Thank You to  Arnold A Wood Jr (my dad) for providing this new amaizing tool to create art.

This is a portrait of Mr. Miraculous, both in sketch and full color.

And thank you, as always, to my Muse, Krystal Kinzer. You’re input and insight and love are inspiring!

I love you, Krystal!

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MrMx02 001 MrM003 MrMx01 001 MrM007 MrM004   A few weeks ago i posted the first drawing i created of Mr. Miraculous, inspired by my DCU Online character. Today, I bring you a couple of alternate versions of him. 1st up, we have the animated version. This was drawn in the style of the The Batman, an animated series form a number of years ago that had a very unique aesthetic. Next up is the version as I would see him beging drawn by Ed McGuinness. Ed has a very unique style of drawing and has done some amazing work for both DC Comics and Marvel. Lastly, we have a simple portrait…

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There’s Nothing like a Strong Woman…

Stronghold001 002      The idea of the “damsel in distress” died out a long time ago, I think. I certainly dont see them in Comic books these days, or the fantastic movies they are inspiring. Cant wait to see Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman in the upcoming Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice. 

This next character was inspried  by the likes of DC’s Wonder Woman and Powergirl….I introduce to  you Stronghold. She’s Incredibly powerful and flight-capableand and her costume has an unneccesarily plunging neck-line…just for fun.

You may be able to see some of the influence of Kenneth Rocafort‘s style here. Enjoyed his work on Superman during the H’el on Earth storyline.

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Ain’t she amazing…

021202214_002a      I think the idea for this one, Ms. Amazing, reading a story arc in Batman vs Superman, as drawin by Ed McGuinness. I dont remember right this second which storyline it was, but at one point Batman shows up in an alternate reality in which, instead of Superman and Batman there’s Superwoman and Batwoman…oh and Supergirl is Superlad. Well, it inspired the idea of a female version of Mr. Amazing, and here we are…

Her backstory…Mr. Amazing’s grown-up daughter from an alternate reality…or something like that : )

Her overall look was influenced by Supergirl drawings by Michael Turner and Jim Lee.

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What would you prefer? Yellow spandex?

scan026   As much as I love superheroes, my favorite comic book character is actually a Mutant from the Marvel-verse…Scott Summers, aka Cyclops. This piece here is an oldy, drawn back in 2004. Heavily inspired by Michael Turner…in fact if I could have gotten that X in his chest just right, it would be hard to tell that its not a Turner original. Cyclops is on my list of new pieces I’d like to create soon. So many things I want to work on, if only there were more hours in the day…

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The Arrow of Justice….

MovingTarget001    Ok, i’ll admit I have never read an issue of Green Arrow, but I am a fan of CW’s Arrow. I even liked the portrayal of him on Smallville. But it was Steven Amell’s performance that inspired this next character: Moving Target. He is meant to be my Batman-like character, sporting some cool gadgets. No Superpowers except for his uncanny aim. And filled with the sarcasm and wit of Spider-Man. Oh, and he is left-handed….like my dad. He was originally created in the DCU Online game, like Mr. Miraculous. This drawing is in the style of Ed McGuinnes, another one of my favorite artists.

I am including his in-game appearance, just for fun…

MovingTarget001 MovingTarget002