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Mr. Miraculous…my favorite personal Hero Character…

Ahhh now we’re talkin…This guy…Mr Miraculous, one of my personal favorites. We have here the intial sketch and a color piece.

This one is very special to me, as he is the very first character to exist in a digital format 1st, in the form of a game character from DC Universe Online. Liked him so much I  had to draw him.

The sketch shows his initial symbol in the game, that of the Atom, but it has since been changed to the M. Drawing style inspired by none other than Michael Turner. More to come for him later, including In Game screen captures.



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1st Drawing Completed in 2014…

KrystalKlear001 001

A glimpse of this was posted way back when 1st completed, just after the beginning of the year. This is Krystal Klear, one of my current personal favorites.

This drawing is significant for a couple of reasons: she is the 1st character designed in collaboration with someone else (nod to my Muse 🙂 ), she marks the 1st drawing completed in well over six months, and she just turned out far better than expected.

Meant to be a villain, Krystal’s primary power is invisibility, and her skin takes on a crystalline appearance when she’s powered up.

The works of Kenneth Rocafort, Jim Lee, and Marc Silvestri served as reference and additional inspiration for her overall design.

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The Joys of Cosplay…

IMG_1949 IMG_1950 IMG_1952





















This was originally meant to be yesterday’s post, but the pic of Ben Affleck armoured up as Batman was too hot to pass up. So…here we are today…new topic: Cosplay. And what better way to follow up yesterday’s post than with a few of the better pics of cosplayers suited up as Batman (and a couple as Catwoman too) as well.

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Hot off the Presses…Batfleck!!!!

3hRU6pxJust released today, Zack Snyder gives us a glimpse of a suited up Batman, played by Ben Affleck, in the as yet untitled Superman/Batman film. We also get a little bit of the new Batmobile in the background.

To all you nay-sayers out there…I think he looks bad-ass! Cant wait to see more.

Heard a rumor the other day that we might be seeing WonderWoman soon…one can only hope!

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Concept Art – Amazing Spider-Man 2

6atOy7x 25zUFqZ 85WnYLi 25zUFqZ 85WnYLi BzfEaTb - Copy BzfEaTb cA8U7Jh - Copy cA8U7Jh csELko3 - Copy csELko3 fs7wrNg - Copy fs7wrNg jM2rr3G Kjyy5fb - Copy Kjyy5fb rGi6Jwc vKRnglA wNSD7SE yCofMab ySMOUvC ZHficWUNext new topic – Concept Art. And here we have some cool designs from The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

I’ve seen the movie. It was pretty good. I was particularly impressed with Electro’s scenes.

As for this batch of concept art…well…I honestly prefer these designs for Rhino and the Goblin over what they used in the film.

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A Piece of Inspiration…


14t0h879qmOk, starting off a category that was missing before…Here is one of my favorite pieces by the late Michael Turner. This is the cover to Justice League of America #2. Turner is, without a doubt, one of my biggest inspirations and his covers for DC Comics, as well as his run as artist for Superman/Batman, are what got me into drawing superheroes.