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An Amazing Playist – Sub Lift – X-Men First Class

Great soundtrack, great movie. Henry Jackman did a fantastic job with this one. I have a few favorites, but this piece in particular…this is my temp theme for Mr. Miraculous.

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Yet another Mr. Amazing sketch…

001While I have a new piece in the works, finally, figured i could go ahead and post something I completed a few months ago. Sometimes when i get into a lull, i seem to fall back on redrawing my original hero, Mr. Amazing. And, i always try to make some updates to his costume…just minor ones here, but i like it…even broke out the ink for this one…

Stay tuned, in another week or so we will have something really cool to show…

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An Amazing Playlist – Brothers in Arms – Mad Max: Fury Road

Such a fantastically crazy film. And the whole time we were watching, this driving music kept grabbing my attention. Even Krystal commented on it afterwards (yes, she is that awesome!). After a quick listen to most of the score…this is the one that stands out for me. The rhythm of the strings, wow…and then the brass! It has a bit of a Hans Zimmer feel to it, and I love it! I hear that Tom Holkenborg is another product of Remote Control Studios…but thats ok by me!

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Another Watercolor Piece from many years ago…

WP_20150420_002   Going thru the old art folders, i found this. It is a sister peice to the one posted a few weeks ago. I dont remember what the Kanji symbol stands for, but my guess is its something sad…i must have been going thru some depressing stuff back then…My artwork rarely reflects any kind of personal emotion…

I had an idea for a new drawing recently, plan on working on it soon…it should involve some Watercolor as well…Something new mixed with something old…and hopefully it’ll help get me out of this maddening artist’s block! I havent successfully drawn anything in a few weeks now!

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An Amazing Playlist – The Hobbit

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy = Fantastic. The Hobbit Trilogy = eh. This is probably the best thing to come from it, and its from the 1st film. Poor Howard Shore, doomed to failure as there is no way to compete with that he composed for the LOTR trilogy. And i hear that Peter Jackson didnt help much by butchering the compositions to fit the film edit.

But i do like this. An arrangement  performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic, short sweet and beautiful. Rather like the movie should have been.