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Making a Splash…It’s Michael Turner Monday!

Everyone loves Michael Turners women, and here’s why…Featuring characters from Fathom, Soulfire, and Witchblade with a little Tomb Raider on the side.

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the Man of Steel…my own take on the iconic hero

Superman001 001


Man of Steel has come and gone, Superman V Batman: Dawn of Justice is on its way. And here, we have our own take on Superman himself.

I can only remember ever drawing this character, THE Super Hero, twice in my adult life. This is the second version, and the one i like the most. Heavily inspired by Michael Turner, i referenced quite a number of his peices while working on this. And it wasnt easy.

I began this in the summer of 2013, then abandoned it in a bout of frustration. I went back to it earlier this year, during a frenzy of inspiration from my Muse (yes, thats you Krystal Kinzer : ). Finished it in a few hours I did.

I’m hoping to try a few color passes using that Wacom Tablet and Sketch Pro that i recently acquired, but i’m still slowly working on getting that hang of it…

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Welcome to Michael Turner Monday…

flash207   Flash208flash209flash210flashsketch00













In trying to set a schedule to this, i’ve decided Mondays should be Michael Turner Mondays…the perfect day to post some of his fantastic artwork.

Here we have a series of covers he created for DC Comics’ The Flash. Colors are by Peter Stiegerwald.

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Soundtrack – Batman – Danny Elfman

Batman One word: Fantastic! This one goes right up there with John WIlliams’ Superman: The Movie as one of the best CBM soundtracks ever.  Danny Elfman created the perfect theme for Tim Burton’s vision of Batman. And that Anvil…I can remember when this was first released how music critics kept talking about Elfman’s use of an anvil as a musical instrument. Superb!!

Highlights: 1) The Batman Theme, 10) Descent into Mystery, 15) Charge of the Batmobile, 16) Attack of the Batwing, 20) Finale, and 21) Batman Theme Reprise…yes, i know each of those focuses solely on Batman. Joker’s music was fitting for Jack Nicholson’s take on the villain.

1. The Batman Theme

2. Roof Fight

3. First Confrontation

4. Kitchen, Surgery, Face Off

5. Flowers

6. Clown Attack

7. Batman To The Rescue

8. Roasted Dude

9. Photos/Beautiful Dreamer

10. Descent Into Mystery

11. The Bat Cave

12. The Joker’s Poem

13. Childhood Remembered

14. Love Theme

15. Charge Of The Batmobile

16. Attack Of The Batwing

17. Up The Cathedral

18. Waltz To The Death

19. The Final Confrontation

20. Finale

21. Batman Theme Reprise


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The Miracles continue…

MrM Portrait003 MrM Portrait008       This is a very significant post. I just created my first completely digital sketch using my Wacom Tablet and Sketch Pro 6.00.05.

Thank You to  Arnold A Wood Jr (my dad) for providing this new amaizing tool to create art.

This is a portrait of Mr. Miraculous, both in sketch and full color.

And thank you, as always, to my Muse, Krystal Kinzer. You’re input and insight and love are inspiring!

I love you, Krystal!

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MrMx02 001 MrM003 MrMx01 001 MrM007 MrM004   A few weeks ago i posted the first drawing i created of Mr. Miraculous, inspired by my DCU Online character. Today, I bring you a couple of alternate versions of him. 1st up, we have the animated version. This was drawn in the style of the The Batman, an animated series form a number of years ago that had a very unique aesthetic. Next up is the version as I would see him beging drawn by Ed McGuinness. Ed has a very unique style of drawing and has done some amazing work for both DC Comics and Marvel. Lastly, we have a simple portrait…