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Turner Michael Tuesday…Bring on the Bat!

ok, next up on the Batman posts, a small selection of sketches from Michael Turnerbatmansketch01[1] d168b9da3cd092edd34fad364c3bda42 wwch07-sketch-batman(line) 1moorebats

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Character Sketch – Mental Strife

WP_20160401_003 Finally got a little something new to show…rough character sketch i completed recently. I was trying to update her costume, modernize it a little…i like the hood but the detailing in the suit didnt really work out the way i wanted…

This is one of my villain characters, Mental Strife, psychic, telekinetic…needs work

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Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice – Soundtrack…Not as bad as I initially thought

Krystal, thank you for constantly challenging me to look at things from a different perspective…

This post was going to be a lot different when i originally planned it out. I didnt like the soundtrack the 1st time i listened to it, or even the second. We saw the movie on opening night (and the critics and the fans are both right), and as we were watching the end credits, and listening to the music along with them,  she turns to me and says “You dont like the music?” The piece that was playing at the time wasnt all that bad.

So then i went and listened to it again, and then i realized why i didnt like it initially…i was listening to it wrong. I went in wanting to hear a Superman soundtrack, which this is not. Once i listened to it as a Batman soundtrack, it works…some of it anyway. Some of it is still bad, just like the movie. But some of it is good, just like the movie. I am actually going to add a couple of tracks to my Super Hero playlist, especially track 1 “Beautiful Lie” as it is my favorite so far.

For anyone that decides to risk a listen to this…keep that in mind…This is a Batman soundtrack, rather like the movie is a Batman film, not a Superman film.