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Cosplay – Merida from Brave

Continuing this weekend’s Scottish theme (We had a good time at the Scottish Highland games yesterday) here’s about the only Scottish cosplay i could find…Merida, from Brave (my favorite of the Disney Princess movies).bold-red-merida-hair c8af1f1e3c93bee6c1d49d4ca96636ac merida-cosplay merida___brave___paula_vasquez_by_seviyummy-d5lerfr merida_brave_cosplay_by_mel_rayzel-d8ntq8p merida_cosplay_02 merida_cosplay_in_lucca_comics_by_solipsis79-d8rlf70

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Mr Miraculous – a new perspective…

Just put the finishing touches on this sketch. Most of it was completed last year. This is my first attempt at drawing a character from this perspective, and it turned out better than expected. Originally Mr M was going to have the more armored look from my last few sketches, but ultimately I took him back to the simpler look, but left the shoulder armor in place.