Musical Mondays – Jupiter Ascending – Movements 1-4 – Michael Giacchino

Another fine example of a horrible movie with some outstanding music. Michael Giacchino remains one of the best film composers of the 21st century, and this is why. His score for Jupiter Ascending is a delightful listening experience, especially the 1st four Movements as he titled them –


Musical Mondays – The Sound of Silence – Disturbed

Ok, not my usual music-related post…But this had to be shared. Covers of classic songs either tend to be really bad, or really really good. This one…is epic! Not what I was expecting from Disturbed…but in a good way.

Musical Mondays – Divide – Christ Tilton

i stumbled upon this little gem recently and finally listened to it last week, when i snuck it into my iPod for my morning workouts…and it’s fantastic – especially “Stealing the Future” – propulsive!

Musical Mondays – Eggsy is Back – Kingsman: The Golden Circle soundtrack…

OK, I am trying to get back into a schedule of regular posting content, and Monday’s seemed like a good day for some music. Let’s kick things off with Henry Jackman’s opening to Kingsman: The Golden Circle: “Eggsy is Back”.

I think I was looking forward more to the music of this film than the film itself. And a piece like this is why…Bagpipes, to the tune of John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Road” (I didnt realize this on first listening, it hit me later in the album) followed by that fantastic Kingsman Theme. And then the action kicks in…this is just fun stuff!

An Amazing Playlist – “I Have to Try” – The Flash – Blake Neely

This track sums up CW’s Barry Allen/The Flash – both in Track Name and Composition . Definitely one of my favorites from season 1.

An Amazing Playlist – Justice League – Danny Elfman

ok, being a Danny Elfman fan, i enjoyed what he did with the score for Justice League. I know there are many who disagree. Yes, he broke the continuity of music from Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But, in my opinion, the music wasnt all that great for either of those films. 

Here are my three favorites…give them a good listen and you can tell why…

Yes, those old themes make an appearance. Those old themes are still fantastic to hear…

An Amazing Playlist: Thor: Ragnarok Suite – Mark Mothersbaugh

I haven’t seen the film yet, but from what i have heard, its fun-tastic! And if the music is any indication, those stories must be true.

This is the suite that opens the soundtrack to Thor: Ragnarok, composed by Mark Mothersbaugh (yes, from DEVO 🙂 ). Epic and cool.

Enjoy on this fine Musical Monday!

A Monday Musical Journey…

This week, we are going to take a little ride through the Title Themes for all of the various Star Trek television shows…From Enterprise to Voyager…

An Amazing Playlist – Spider-man: Homecoming Suite – Michael Giacchino

Happy musical Monday, everyone…