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More Iron Man Concept Art

So many of these, i cant even remember which ones i posted earlier and which ones i didnt, sooooooo…just gonna roll with it! I’m still looking for renders of the armor from Captain America: Civil War, so we can expect at least one more post after this once found…Again, these designs and art were created by Phil Saunders, Josh Nizzi, and/or Ryan Meinerding.

Iron_Man_3_Concept_Art_JGF_02b Iron_Man’s_Mark_45_Armor_Concept_Art_02 (1) Iron_Man’s_Mark_45_Armor_Concept_Art_04 iron-man2-625x879 ironman3concept252013 Iron-Man-3-Concept-Art-by-Josh-Nizzi-7 iron-man-3-concept-art-by-andy-park-stealth-suit-back Iron-Man-3-Hulkbuster-armor IronManMKVII_V3_Web Iron-Man-suit-concept-The-Avengers Iron_Man_Avengers_Concept_Art_2 Iron_Man_IM3_Concept_Art_3 marvel-studios-sublime-concept-art-shows-their-brilliance-literally-starts-at-the-drawing-584207 Mk_33 Mk_40_3 NE9ZrbaaaAq7bi_1_1 The-Avengers-Iron-Man-conceptual-suit-5 tumblr_nsugh62QhK1sgi6nlo1_1280 XkupN1k

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Alan Silvestri back to Compose Score for Avengers: Infinity War – parts 1 & 2!!!

“We are pleased to announce that Alan is slated to score the Marvel films “Avengers: Infinity War – Part I and Part II.” These films are scheduled for release in May of 2018 and May of 2019.”  – from Alan Silvestri’s website.

I really enjoyed his music for Captain America: The First Avenger, and even more so from The Avengers. So I am excited to hear what he will Compose for Inifinity War!

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Another old Sketch – Ms. Amazing

I posted a more final version of this some time ago, but here is the original sketch of Ms. Amazing…looking quite a bit older than i think i meant her to be. The idea was she was supposed to be kinda of a Supergirl-Like character…Mr. Amazing’s daughter from an alternate time-line (in the Prime-Timeline she dies at a young age…at least that’s the plan, but the story is ever-evolving)