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Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman Revealed…

TylerHoechlin_Superman_Supergirl_01 Coj_-avWcAAwFNLand I have to say, i rather like this costume. From WB’s upcoming season 2 for Supergirl, I think it works, even better than Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel (and i like that one too). Makes me wish i had cable so i could actually watch this show now. Oh well, it’ll be on Netflix eventually

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Star Trek: Discovery Teaser



I hate to say it, but i’m really not sure about this one…this is supposed to take place in the Prim Timeline, after Star Trek VI but before The Next Generation…however this ship design doesn’t fit, like at all.

Ok yeah I am going to watch it, at least the pilot unless i decide to get CBS’ streaming service…but i was hoping for something that fit properly in the continuity.

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An Amazing Playlist – “Taking a Stand” from Captain America:The Winter Soldier

Fantastic movie, the only one i can think of that rivals The Dark Knight as a superior sequel, at least as fas as CBM’s go (Empire Strikes Back, anyone?). And this is the standout track, supposed to be from one of the best scene’s in film, after the Elevator Fight scene, when Cap escapes SHIELD headquarters…would so love to hear this played on a larger scale orchestra…