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What the What?!?!


I’m not usually one to comment on things going on in the world, but when i saw this as I was working out in the gym this morning…well…this is just…ugh…is this really the direction we are going now?


August 28, 2015 12:48 PM @KATTIMPF

There was no actual violence on the offending lunchbox.

A little girl named Laura was reportedly sent home from school with a note informing her parents that she could no longer bring her lunchbox to school because it had a picture of Wonder Woman on it and was therefore too violent.

Note: There was absolutely no actual violence displayed on the lunchbox — just a picture of Wonder Woman holding the Lasso of Truth. But apparently, even that image is just too graphic to be on school grounds: “The dress code we have established requests that the children not bring violent images into the building in any fashion – on their clothing (including shoes and socks), backpacks and lunch boxes,” reads a letter sent home to Laura’s parents, Daniel and Sarah, according to The Mary Sue.

”We have defined ‘violent characters’ as those who solve problems using violence. Superheroes certainly fall into that category,” it continued. (It’s not clear whether or not the school would perform sock inspections to ensure that none contained images of superheroes. Might not be a bad idea, especially considering what a huge, horrific problem that would be.)

Superhero-lunchbox-gate gained attention after one of the girl’s parents’ friends posted images of both the letter and the lunchbox on Imgur. —​ Katherine Timpf is a National Review Online reporter.

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The Daily Sketch-Book – 08/27/2015

WP_20150827_004 OK so this one I started yesterday, and finally found a few minutes to finish it today. And look…Ink AND Color :). This is actually a sketch for a concept I came up with a while ago, just never put him on paper before. I told Krystal the overall story idea, and now…she has challenged me to draw one of the most climactic scenes in the story. I gots some planning to do…this one will be a real challenge, and its going to take a few pages to sell it…another something I have never tried before. Intimidated but looking forward to trying…

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The Daily Sketch-Book – 8/25/2015

WP_20150825_001 OK, we are on a roll now. Decided to work on another head-shot, this one of my own Character Turbo, my speedster. Sadly, i dont think i can go with this…too Flash-like. I rather like the way it turned out overall, just not diggin the ear-pieces. Oh well, back to the drawing board she will go…

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The Daily Sketch-Book – 8/24/2015

WP_20150824_001  OK, so maybe I should have called it the Every Other Daily Sketch-Book 🙂 However…2 drawings in 3 days…That’s pretty good for me. Here we have a sketch of the caped crusader himself. It’s been a while since I have drawn Batman. This turned out ok, better than expected anyway…what to sketch next?

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The Daily Sketch-Book – 8/22/2015

08222015A  So, I’ve seen others start projects similar to this…Now its my turn. I now have my own Daily Sketch-book. The idea is: Draw a little something every day possible. To make It even more interesting: post them here too, every day possible. Expect pencil sketches, maybe even some ink-work. Most of this will be comic-book related as I work on honing my skills for upcoming projects…

Kicking things off with a female face. I need to really practice eyes next…and hair…

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Star Trek Online – Flagship – U.S.S. Ticonderoga

Ticonderoga009As i’m working on some new artwork (and its so nice to be doing so…) thought i could post some more pics from Star Trek Online. This is the flagship of my oldest character…The Odyssey Class U.S.S. Ticonderoga, NCC-92628. The Odyssey class was chosen as the next class to bear the name Enterprise as well, the NCC-1701-F. This is an old ship at this point, from a couple of years ago. I dont use her very often, but she’s still a nice lookin ship…TicondergogaDrydock003 TicondergogaDrydock005 TicondergogaDrydock002 Ticonderoga007 Ticonderoga006